Here is How You Clean 5 Common Carpet Stains

Carpets are a simple component of our interiors that require a little more than daily care especially when the house has kids and pets. Stains can be worrisome if they are not treated immediately and with the right tools. 

Moreover, they are not a good sight for people visiting your house for parties or holidays. Hence, learning how to deal with all kinds of stains becomes a prerequisite skill if you are a carpet owner in order to use the right kind of carpet cleaning hack at the right time.

Common Carpet Stains

Things to Consider: –

  • Pet Accidents –

    Even when the pets are well-trained, they end up creating a mess on the carpets that might need serious cleaning. The first thing to do is to get rid of as much mess as you can immediately. Use a paper towel or a cloth in case of liquid waste. If it’s solid debris, use a bag to carefully relieve it from the carpet. Post that, use the cleaner to deal with the leftover stain on the carpet. To deal with the strong odor, mix vinegar and water, spread it across the stained area and leave it for a few minutes before cleaning it.
  • Blood –

    Accidents happen and they can be anywhere including the carpet. Make sure you take care of yourself first and when everything is dealt with, rinse the blood stains on the carpet with a towel and cold water. This should do the trick. Do not use hot water as it causes the blood to turn into a semi solid state and it will be next to impossible to remove the stain from your carpet.
  • Coffee –

    This is the most commonly found stain on carpets and we somehow we drink our coffee on the table placed over the carpet. In case you end up staining your carpet with coffee, mix a detergent with water to remove the stain. You can also use vinegar and warm water until the coffee is removed from the fibers of the carpet and carpet cleaning in Cottesloe.
  • Ink –

    Ink is seldom found on carpets. However, if you happen to stain your carpet with it, the mark will most probably stay forever. The most effective solution to deal with ink is alcohol. Soak alcohol in a cloth and rub the area gently until the ink fades into oblivion. Make sure you don’t cause the carpet to get further stained with ink while removing it.
  • Mud –

    Muds are the second most common stains found on carpet after coffee or tea stains. Clean the affected area only when the mud has completely dried up else you will bury the mud further down the carpet making it more difficult to be removed. A mix of water and detergent should do the trick. Before vacuuming make sure the mud is completely off your carpet.

Getting rid of these stains will help you keep your carpet for a longer time. Learning the right technique will also prevent the carpet from fading out and losing its colour.